35mm Film photography

A collection of my favourite wedding images taken on 35mm analogue film

Film photography offers a unique, timeless feel with its grainy texture and rich colours that digital just can't match. Each photo is a blend of art and surprise, bringing out the true essence of your moments. The film is developed in a darkroom and then digitally scanned to keep the nostalgic charm and beautiful imperfections of film. The phots are then very subtly edited to keep that true vintage feel. 

35mm film can be added to your package at £85 per roll, or £350 for colour film across 5 rolls - which will give you around 80-100 images, across the day to add to your story. These images will be added to your digital gallery, and you will also receive 4x6” prints of these unique memories.

Meet Anita

A documentary-style wedding and portrait photographer based in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, UK

Hey, I’m Anita

Available worldwide to capture love stories

For me, wedding photography is so much more than just how you looked on your wedding day. 
It's about giving you something that'll whisk you back to the indescribable love, joy and happiness of that day, every time you look at it. The one thing, apart from your happily ever after, that you get to keep forever. It's the art on your walls, the little reminders of your special stories and the timeless memories you'll hold dear. It’s about how you laughed, cried, danced and promised. 

"It’s about how you felt. My photography style is all about seizing those raw, genuine moments and giving them a creative twist.” - ANITA